Vietnam: Củ Chi Tunnels Half-Day Tour

During the last month of the past year, I prepared for my longest vacation so far. It was a sixteen-day trip through Indochina: Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, the latter being the final country I visited. On the first seven days, I had a friend who traveled with me to Bangkok and Siem Reap, leaving me alone on my onward journey to Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.


Vietnam as the last part of my adventure

It was my second day in Vietnam and I had a scheduled tour which I booked earlier through the website of TourRadar. I had credits stored on that website (I don’t remember how did I earn that though) so I technically got the tour for free. It was hosted by TheSinhTourist, one of the operators around Phạm Ngũ Lão. Continue reading

A Holiday Trip to Indonesia

It was Eid al-Fitr season when I went to this country last July 7-10, 2016. I booked the ticket immediately last April when the seats cost less than half its regular fare. It was too late for me to find out that going there on this kind of holiday season for muslim people is not a good idea, because most places are so crowded on these dates especially on one of my destinations, Yogyakarta; and transit to this region sells out early specifically in trains and planes. But I did not hesitate to continue my travel and I gave my trust to the luck of finding a way to check some, if not all, the items on my list. And one more thing that pushed me to pursue this journey are the people I’m going to see whom I met from the website Couchsurfing. So let me tell you my experience in the island of Java.

July 6, Manila: After work, I went immediately to the airport, NAIA Terminal 3, and arrived there just in time for check-in (around 6pm).


Check-in counters at NAIA T3

I waited until the boarding time and got in the plane. We departed from Manila at around 9 in the evening. The plane landed at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport around 11:45pm, Jakarta time. (Indonesian time is one hour behind Philippine time). Continue reading