Tokyo City View, Japan


Nighttime view of Tokyo, taken at Halloween. Located at the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills, this observation deck is one of the most exciting way to view the spectacular cityscape of the metropolis. Even Mount Fuji can also be seen at clear days. This one is my personal favourite night shot.

Tokyo City View, Tokyo, Japan

Yuyuan Bazaar, China

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This market, which elegantly demonstrates a classic Chinese architecture, is located around the beautiful and touristy Yuyuan Gardens. It is a good place for bargain hunting, sightseeing, and picture taking. Access can be easy through metro with a station located near the area.

Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai, China

How I Spent PhP 3000 ($60) for a One-Day Trip to Boracay

I’ve been to Boracay with my friends once, which was last 2015. Back then, we tried some water activities, including a flying fish ride, helmet diving, and island hopping. I enjoyed that trip and didn’t expect that I would be back to the paradise island this year.

Some two or three months ago, I saw a Facebook advertisement of a large passenger ferry company, 2GO Travel, that revealed a 5-Peso (base fare) sale. I was interested with it because aside from the fact that it was a good deal, I never tried boarding on a local ferry here in my own country. So I grabbed it. The total cost was Continue reading

Akihabara Electric Town, Japan

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Akihabara is located in the eastern side of Chiyoda ward. The Electric Town is just a short walk from the station. It is one of the must-visits while in Tokyo. The area is famous for its maid cafés, anime and manga goods, and video games. Some names can be identified by many, including the Sega Game Center.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan


Japan experiences the four seasons, and with the beauty of this country, every season is the best time to visit. During autumn, the climate goes colder as it approaches winter. Autumn colors start from the northern part in Hokkaido, and moves downward to Kyushu until December.

Around Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan