Akihabara Electric Town, Japan

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Akihabara is located in the eastern side of Chiyoda ward. The Electric Town is just a short walk from the station. It is one of the must-visits while in Tokyo. The area is famous for its maid cafés, anime and manga goods, and video games. Some names can be identified by many, including the Sega Game Center.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo, Japan

4 thoughts on “Akihabara Electric Town, Japan

  1. They probably shouldn’t call it “Electric Town” any more. It has changed too much. I miss those days. Now we have to see all of the young girl idolization– some of it a front for actual child exploitation which follows the virtual. There is more than meets the eye for the average tourist. I suggest viewing “Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan” on Youtube. I lived in the culture, married to a Japanese pedophile (now in prison in the US). Child porn was legal until just 2 years ago. But virtual of course, and various storefront business pandering conversation time with girls is still there– leading to sex trafficking. I hope tourists know what they are paying for/supporting in old electric town.

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