Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

Thousands of temples built by the kings of 9th to 13th century spread across the plains of Bagan, the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan in Myanmar. As a typical tourist trap, every foreign visitors should pay 25,000 kyats to explore the so-called Bagan Archaeological Zone.

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

9 thoughts on “Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

    • Yes, it’s completely safe in Yangon and Bagan. I’ve been to these places, but I’m not sure of the others. Some travelers I met in Myanmar didn’t have any complaint about the security in this country. And another thing, Burmese people are kind!

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  1. I have explored Burma (as I prefer to call it) from Rangoon (Yangon) up to the Shan State. This was the time when I used to work for a publishing company that partnered with the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism of Burma. My crew and I were not ‘tourists’ into the country, but were visitors of the ministry, so we never paid entrance fees to see the temples and other attractions. Those were sweet years.

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