A Love of a Thousand Miles

Photo 30-06-2017, 11 35 52 AMIt takes everything to love a person. When you are deeply into her, you can think of every possible chance only to meet her and it doesn’t matter however hard it is or how much time it will cost you. Seeing her face in reality is incomparable to endless texts and long video calls.

Long distance relationship especially sounds difficult. Yes it is. You only get one chance to see each other every couple of months, to spend a time together, to enjoy meals together, to watch movies, to travel around the city, to enjoy each other’s company, to feel each other’s warm hugs and passionate kisses, and to finally hear her “I love you” through her sweet lips. But before the date ends, you will realize that every single happy moments with her will be replaced by “I miss you” and “I wish you were here” messages again. And when it goes back to normal, you will have to wait another chance to embrace that special someone once more.

Long distance relationship is different from others. It takes courage to enter one. You should be ready to accept that she’s not always physically there. You should be aware that you can’t do anything but to wait for that another time you can see her again. It might take for a while, but surely those times will be a bliss and you will treasure every moment with her. And lastly, you should always remember that distance doesn’t reduce the value of her feelings for you, because her love for you is unconditional. It is a fact that this distance of a thousand miles will be temporary, because love can do anything, and love can help you bring each other closer not only to each other’s hearts, but also to each other’s arms.

East Asia 2016, Part 3: China, Day 1-2

The last part of my last year’s Asian journey was the China’s biggest city: Shanghai. Actually, this was the place I really wanted to visit; Tokyo and Taipei were just added to my itinerary. Looking up the skyscrapers and feeling the dynamic city vibes, this is what I always dream to experience – as close enough as greater cities like New York and London.

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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

November 3, Shanghai: I arrived at Pudong International Airport at around 5 in the morning. I stayed there until the bus to the city was available, which was the cheapest option I know. The fare was 20CNY. I checked in to the hostel which is near the centre. I went to the bank to exchange money and walked around my neighbourhood. I fell in love with the city immediately with the different buildings with creative designs. Continue reading

East Asia 2016, Part 1: Taiwan

It has been a month already since I had my long trip. I can still remember it. Those days were part of my happiest moments of this year. Now I will start my entire story into three parts, each country represents a part. So earlier this year, I planned to travel across East Asia, thru Taiwan, Japan, and China. (Click the link). Thankfully, it was a successful trip. So here the adventure goes…

October 26, Manila: Continue reading

How I Spent PhP 3000 ($60) for a One-Day Trip to Boracay

I’ve been to Boracay with my friends once, which was last 2015. Back then, we tried some water activities, including a flying fish ride, helmet diving, and island hopping. I enjoyed that trip and didn’t expect that I would be back to the paradise island this year.

Some two or three months ago, I saw a Facebook advertisement of a large passenger ferry company, 2GO Travel, that revealed a 5-Peso (base fare) sale. I was interested with it because aside from the fact that it was a good deal, I never tried boarding on a local ferry here in my own country. So I grabbed it. The total cost was Continue reading